My passion and promise is to always maintain my products integrity through using the highest quality of ingredients in the Hudson Valley.

What makes your product different?
As an esthetician, I meticulously created two products uniquely rich in texture, comprised of natural active ingredients to offer an instant glow and vibrancy to your complexion.

What makes the FaceWHIP a whip?
Our trade secret is in mixing our small batches using our triple milled hand whipping process that combines our unique formula into a decadent creme and experience. It has a smooth consistency similar to fresh whipped cream.

What skin types can use the FaceWHIP?
All skin types will benefit, but especially designed for dry complexions that want an instant natural glow.

Does the FaceWHIP need to be refrigerated because it has goat's milk?
No, the moisturizer is stable and designed to be stored just like any other cream. 

Do your products have scents or fragrance added?
No, all skincare products are unscented to ensure skin sensitivity needs.

What don't you put in your products?
I don’t use any synthetic fragrances, perfumes, dyes, parabens or mineral oils.

What is the shelf life of your products?
One full year from the time you open the containers. 

Where can I buy your products?
Currently my products are exclusively sold online, but we are expanding to include retailers. Please email with any interest to

 What is your return policy?
Due to the delicate nature of the products we do not accept any returns. All sales are final.

Do you offer samples in order to try the products first
Yes!  We offer a deluxe sample collection for purchase. Please visit our Shop page for more details.