I am an esthetician with over twelve years of experience within the beauty and skincare industry. I was fortunate to grow up in the Hudson Valley and was always immensely inspired by the natural setting and array of local farms. I began my career in Manhattan working as an esthetician for world class resorts and global skin care companies. I was frustrated by my search to find the perfect skin rejuvenating products and began hand whipping small batches of my skincare in my tiny kitchen. I eventually launched my products at my local farmers market and was overwhelmed by the instant demand and excitement. It's my dream to offer hand crafted skin care products that are uniquely rich in texture, fragrance-free and offer an instant natural glow. My customers are the foundation of my success and I'm deeply grateful for all the continued support as a growing company in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

 My passion as an esthetician is to obsess and provide you finely curated products that deliver radiant results. Hand crafted using only the finest ingredients in the Hudson Valley. It's been an insider secret and thats the way I like it.

With your support, we can change the landscape of sustainable skincare together. 

Cat Ianelli  |  Esthetician,  Founder + Formulator